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Stainless Steel Combination Lock Slave Collar


<p><img src="http://marketing.xrllc.com/logos/Master-Series-Logo-Small.jpg"></p> <p>Adorn your slave in a symbol of their complete surrender to submission. This beautiful and heavy-duty collar is made of stainless steel, with a unique detail that sets it apart from other BDSM collars. A combination lock ensures that your plaything has no hope for escape until you offer release, just the way they like it! The O-ring on the front allows you to attach other bondage accessories, such as a leash or nipple clamps. The smooth, rounded edges make this a comfortable collar for private play or 24-7 wear. <br><br><b>Measurements:</b> 16.25 inches in circumference, .5 inch in width.<br><br><b>Material:</b> Stainless steel.<br><br><b>Color:</b> Silver.<br><br><b>Note:</b> A combination code is included with the collar. If you lose or are unable to locate it, please contact customer service