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Tronik Dual Electric Pulse Massager

Tronik Dual Electric Pulse Massager


Tronik Dual Electric Pulse Massager

The Tronik Dual Electric Pulse Massager brings the convenience and comfort of toning and massage technology into your home. It massages and relaxes muscles, to release tension and stress. You can tone, firm, and shape two separate muscle groups at once, even while you relax! When you use Tronik, your muscles receive small signals via nerve endings to initiate their contraction. One a muscle has contracted and the nerve is no longer sending a signal, the muscle will relax. The intensity controls allow you to select the strength of the electrical stimulation for each of the two stations. Tronik features 6 massage modes. You can also select the time for your massage. You can take it anywhere with you, it fits in your pocket and operates via the included USB wall adapter. Deep, relaxing muscle massage can be yours with the Massera Tronik Dual Electric Pulse Massager.

Material: Plastic, metal, rubber

Color: Silver

Note: Comes with remote, two leads, 4 pads, USB cord, and US wall adapter