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20 Feb '18

What Are The Top 5 Best Vibrators?

Posted by April HushPleasure


There isn't really a clear way to review vibrators that are simply amazing. Trust me, I've tried a lot. Each individual person has their own style. Out of all that I have tried recently, these are my top 5 picks! There are vibrators that will keep your interest piqued and always make you cum within minutes and toys that will simply go in the drawer never to be used again. So without further ado, here are my top 5 best vibrators and why I chose them!

1) MyBody Massager with Attachment by Wand Essentials


This product, in my opinion, is a 2 for 1 special and my absolute favorite! You can use it alone as a stress reliever via deep tissue massage, or total orgasmic arousal. We all love rabbit vibrators, so if solo play with the wand itself isn't enough, you can use the provided attachment for amazing clitoral and intense penetration.

This wand is engineered with a mighty powerful motor which is one of the most important aspects of a toy in my opinion. When I first used this toy, the vibrations were overpowering. I had to work my way up, sometimes pressing firmer in different points of my body. When I arrived at my clit, I had to take it very slow at first. When I finally got there, it felt just like the first drop on a roller coaster. I was floored at how intense the orgasm was and it was quite scary to feel so much pleasure at once. I was shaking with excitement. 

The attachment itself is 3.75 inches of insertable length and the diameter is 1.3 inches, so it's the perfect size to help you reach that intense orgasm we all strive for to leave us breathless. For those that find the wand itself too intense, the attachment is a godsend, the powerful vibrations will have you screaming with pleasure almost instantaneously!

This device is available in two colors, pink or black. You certainly won't be disappointed with this wand from Wand Essentials, it's definitely a keeper!

You can view the product and product and pricing information here


2) Aqua Dolphin Vibe by Trinity Vibes

Aqua Dolphin VibeAqua Dolphin VibeAqua Dolphin Vibe


Out of all of the rabbit vibrators, this is by far my number 1 go to! Rabbits, in a sense are all the same as far as basic design, but this motor is intense! My number one complaint with vibrators in general is that they'll be packed with all sorts of cool gadgets and rotation functions, but upon insertion, the vibration just isn't strong enough. That is not the case with this bad boy! 

The Aqua Dolphin Vibe from Trinity Vibes has a dolphin head, not a rabbit. It functions the same as a rabbit, but it's cute! Don't let this deter you, the strength will not let you down! It has SEVEN different vibration modes to allow you to find that sweet spot that will make your pussy squirt cum with ease. The curved shaft is extremely flexible, so you will be sure to hit your G-Spot as you wish. It has 30 rotating steel beads that will shock your pussy with thrilling sensations while it rotates at 6 different speeds!

The smooth shaft has built-in texture nubs that arouse and excite you while this fantastic vibe moves within you! This vibrator is 10.25 inches in total length. Don't worry though, it's 4.5 inches insertable and the diameter is 1.33 inches so it's a perfect size and will have you moaning with pleasure in no time! 

You can view the product and product and pricing information here.


3) Isis 6 Mode Vibrator with Rose Petal Stimulator by Vogue

Isis 6 Mode Vibrator with Rose Petal StimulatorIt is evident when it comes to "rabbit" vibrators that I don't care if it's a rabbit head, a dolphin or a flower. Heck, I don't care what it is, don't judge! The orgasm is the most important, I think all of you can agree with that.

We previously talked about a vibrator being too weak and just not having enough oomph to get you there, this vibe from Vogue will most certainly accomplish your mission! 

This pristine, waterproof vibe is as enjoyable as it is to behold. It has a pure white exterior and is adorned with a beautiful, crimson red rose stimulator. It features three modes of vibration and three modes of pulsation as well.

The enveloping petals of the rose will cradle your sweet spot, sending you into pure ecstasy. The size is perfect on this vibe. It measures 7.75 inches in total length, with a just right insertable size of 3.5 inches. The diameter is spot on at 1.5 inches, so it will be sure to fill your pussy!


You can view the product and product and pricing information here.


 4) Roto 10x Rotating Silicone Vibrator by INMI

This little purple vibe is most certainly a powerhouse! I love the handle for ease of insertion! 

Use this for an intense masturbation experience or let your lover take hold of the IMNI Roto and pummel it into you! Experience 3 speeds of vibration against your clit with the tickler pad and deep inside of you with the buzzing head. Rotating beads within the shaft will circulate in 7 rhythmic modes. The veins moving within you will have you squirming in delight!

This high-grade silicone is non-porous and phthalate-free. It measures as 8 inches total, 6.5 inches insertable and a whopping 2 inches at its widest point!.

You can view the product and product and pricing information here.


5) B-Rabbit Silicone Rotating Rabbit Vibe by INMI

Last but certainly not least, we have the B-Rabbit. I'm a big fan of this vibe because i think the size is perfect! Each person is going to have a different size and texture preference, but I feel like this one is the winner in that category. It's smooth, lightweight and super powerful!

You better hold on tight, this rabbit vibe will have you squirming uncontrollably! This is one of my top 5 because it's rechargeable. That's right ladies, you don't have to replace your batteries every day! This vibe will pay for itself in no time and on top of that, it's a bargain!

The subtle curve of this shaft will vibrate within you, providing G-Spot stimulation while the 5 rows of vibrating beads tantalize you in the perfect spot! You'll be screaming with pleasure in no time! The clit stimulator is shaped like a bunny so that you can trap your clit between the fluttering ears or under the pressure of the curve of the nose for the type of vibration that gets you off! 10 rhythmic functions allow you to customize the experience, finding exactly the speed and pulsation pattern that takes you to the edge. 

This vibe made by INMI is made from premium silicone and measures 8.75 inches in total length, 4.85 inches of that being insertable. The shaft measures at 1.5 inches at its widest diameter.

You can view the product and product and pricing information here.


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